The Audio Production Awards are back for 2024!

We opened for entries on this year’s Audio Production Awards on Monday 17th June.

You can find all the details in our news story or go straight to the APAs website here for entry information, eligibility, categories and more.

The Audio Production Awards, sponsored by Audible, return for their fourteenth year. Celebrating the people both behind the scenes and in front of the mic, the awards celebrate audio right across the board – from podcasts to radio, audiobooks to sound design, production to presenting.

There are 23 categories ranging from Best Producer in Comedy, Factual, Drama & Fiction, Arts, Music, Entertainment, Lifestyle & Society, Audiobooks, Sound Design and more, plus a variety of on-mic and emerging talent awards, Best Ensemble Cast, and the special AudioUK award – last year awarded to Reform Radio. 

This year we have a new category, Little Ears Producer, which celebrates the explosion of audio being created for younger audiences. Winners from the 2023 awards included Anishka Sharma who took the coveted Producer of the Year award, Overcoat Media were our Production Company of the Year, Kwesia AKA City Girl in Nature took home Best New Voice and Betty Glover, Christian Hewgill and Greg James were voted Best Ensemble.

As usual, there are awards for Production Company of the Year, Publisher or Network of the Year, as well as the continuation of last year’s addition of Producer of the Year and The Sustainability & Climate Award.       

Once again, the Grassroots Production category will celebrate producers, teams and/or organisations working close to their communities, and this category will be free to enter, recognising the particular challenges faced in that part of the sector. 

Entry Information

The Awards are opening for entry earlier this year so applicants will have 12 weeks to enter instead of 9 as in previous years.

Early Bird entry fee is frozen at 2018’s prices of £35+VAT for AudioUK Members and £45+VAT for non-members, and will run for 5 weeks until Wednesday 31st July at 9am. From then on, the standard entry fee will be £50+VAT for AudioUK Members and £60+VAT for non-members until the final deadline on Wednesday 11th September at 2pm (please note: there will be no late extension to the entry deadline). 

Pay What You Can Scheme

With the excellent support from Amazon Music and Wondery, AudioUK will be running the Pay What You Can scheme for a third year, offering discounted entry rates and tickets for those under financial constraints, who would otherwise be unable to enter and attend the Awards. Please email to access the scheme. 

Key Dates:

    • Entry opens: Monday 17th June 12PM (12 weeks)
    • Early Bird entry fee: Mon 17th June – Wednesday 31st July 9AM (5 weeks)
    • Standard entry fee from Thursday 1st August 
    • Final deadline: Wednesday 11th September 2PM. (Please note there will be no extension of the entry deadline)
    • Shortlist announced & event tickets on sale: Monday 21st October 
    • Awards Ceremony at the BFI, London, Southbank: Wednesday 20th November
    • Winners Published: Thursday 21st November

Audio Production Awards – Categories for 2024:

  1. Best Arts & Culture Producer 
  2. Best Audiobook Producer 
  3. Best Comedy Producer 
  4. Best Drama & Fiction Producer
  5. Best Ensemble Cast 
  6. Best Entertainment Producer 
  7. Best Factual/Documentary Producer
  8. Best Lifestyle & Society Producer  
  9. Little Ears Producer
  10. Best Music Producer 
  11. Best Narrator 
  12. Best New Producer 
  13. Best New Voice 
  14. Best News & Current Affairs Producer 
  15. Best Presenter/Host 
  16. Best Sonic Branding Producer
  17. Best Sound Design Producer 
  18. Best Sports Producer 
  19. Grassroots Production Award 
  20. The Sustainability & Climate Award 
  21. Producer of the Year 
  22. Publisher or Network of the Year
  23. Production Company of the Year 

Plus the special AudioUK Award. 


Photo: Production Company of the Year 2023 – Overcoat Media

2023 Audio Production Awards

The 2023 APAs ceremony took place at the BFI South Bank on Wednesday 22 November.

You can see photos from the ceremony on Instagram and on Twitter.

Winners 2023

Best New Producer sponsored by BBC Sounds

GOLD – Becky Green – Audio Always
SILVER – Silvia Malnati – Reduced Listening
BRONZE – Tess Davidson – Freelance
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Sam Tyler – There Are No Greater Heroes
Jill Achineku – Whistledown
Talia Augustidis – Broccoli Productions/Freelance 

Best Factual Producer
GOLD – Joe Kent – BBC News Long Form Audio
SILVER – Arlie Adlington – Overcoat Media
BRONZE – Phoebe McIndoe – Falling Tree Productions
Anishka Sharma
Dan Tierney – BBC Audio North
Scarlett O’Malley – Little Cactus 

Best Entertainment Producer
GOLD – David Manero – Listen
SILVER – Amy Johnson – BBC Radio 1
BRONZE – Kay Hutchison – Belle Media
James Payne – Folding Pocket
Lucy Hunt – Listen
Matt Thomas – Audio Always

Best Arts & Culture Producer
GOLD – Jack Suddaby – Beautiful Strangers
SILVER – Peter Curran – The Foghorn Company
BRONZE – Geoff Bird – Freelance
Becca Bryers – BBC Audio
Michael Umney – Freelance
Natalie Steed – Rhubarb Rhubarb 

Best Lifestyle & Society Producer sponsored by BetterHelp
GOLD – Sylvie Carlos – Freelance
SILVER – Jack Suddaby – Beautiful Strangers
BRONZE – Bea Duncan – Broccoli Productions
Beth Madden – Prison Radio Association
Ruth Abrahams – The Guardian
Ryan Winders – This Is Distorted
This award is sponsored by BetterHelp. Life would be so much easier if it came with a user manual. Producing a podcast would be, too. When things feel difficult, BetterHelp is an accessible and affordable option for therapy. With nearly 35,000 therapists and over 3 million people served worldwide, they know a thing or two about helping people navigate life. BetterHelp is proud to be the leading global podcast advertiser, and to support the Audio Production Awards here in the UK.

Best Audiobook Producer sponsored by Sue Terry Voices
GOLD – Laura-Leigh Smith – String & Tins
SILVER – Jessica Beck – The Guardian
BRONZE – Caroline Raphael – Dora Productions
Christopher Thompson – Penguin Random House
Lily Ridett – Freelance/Penguin Random House
Nathan Freeman – Granny Eats Wolf

Best Drama & Fiction Producer
GOLD – Nicolas Jackson – Afónica
SILVER – Anishka Sharma
BRONZE – Rooks Nest – Algorithms
David Beck – Wireless Theatre Company
Jack Bowman – Freelance
Nicholas Newton – Promenade Productions

Best Narrator sponsored by United Voices
GOLD – Eva Feiler – Almost Tangible
SILVER – Kristin Atherton – HarperCollins Publishers
BRONZE – Natasha Miller – Miller Libertine
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Oliver Jeffers – HarperCollins Publishers
Kerry Godliman – Wondery
Paapa Essiedu – Audible Studios

Best Ensemble Cast
GOLD – Betty Glover, Christian Hewgill & Greg James – The Fast and the Curious
SILVER – William Hanson and Jordan North – Help I Sexted My Boss
BRONZE – The Ensemble Cast of Bess Loves Porgy
Coco Khan and Nish Kumar – Pod Save the UK
Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders – Titting About
The Kurupt FM Podkast – series 3′ (Audible)

Best Presenter sponsored by Morley Radio
GOLD – Catherine Carr – Loftus Media
SILVER – Jack Saunders – Listen
BRONZE – James Grasby – National Trust
Justin Dealey – BBC Three Counties Radio
Niall Paterson – Sky News
Scarlett O’Malley – Freelance/Little Cactus
Morley Radio, a proud sponsor of the Best Presenter award, is delighted to present a one-year residency opportunity, tailor-made for the passionate individuals who have submitted their work in this category.
Morley Radio is committed to fostering the growth of individuals deeply passionate about the radio and podcasting industries.

Best New Voice sponsored by BBC Sounds
GOLD – Kwesia aka City Girl in Nature – Peanut & Crumb
SILVER – Ali Ali – Prison Radio Association
BRONZE – Aggie Chambré – Politico/Whistledown
Coco Khan – Reduced Listening
Natasha Miller – Miller Libertine
Phoebe McIndoe – Falling Tree Productions

Best Branded Content Producer
GOLD – Daniel Prior – Absolute Radio Network
SILVER – Adam Venton – Little Monster Media
BRONZE – Natalie Steed – Rhubarb Rhubarb
Arthur Hagues – Prison Radio Association
Geoff Bird – Freelance
James Stodd – Greatest Hits Radio

Best Music Producer
GOLD – Katie Callin – Reduced Listening
SILVER – Tom Whalley – Freelance
BRONZE – Silas Gray – Freelance
Bradley Duggan – Listen
Gabriel Francis – Reduced Listening
Shreni Yajnik – Listen

Best Comedy Producer (Gethin Thomas Award)
GOLD – Joe Fraser – Baby Cow
SILVER – Simon Nicholls – Freelance
BRONZE – Jon Holmes – unusual
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Lyndsay Fenner – Mighty Bunny
Lance Dann – Rezilience
Matt Thomas – Audio Always

Best News & Current Affairs Producer
GOLD – James Tindale – Whistledown
SILVER – James Shield – The Times and The Sunday Times
BRONZE – Alex Bishop – Reduced Listening
Rebecca Kesby – CTVC
Ruth Abrahams – The Guardian
Will Roe – The Times and The Sunday Times

Best Sports Producer sponsored by In:Quality
GOLD – Abi Paterson – The Athletic
SILVER – Matt Tasker – Audio Always
BRONZE – Justin Dealey – BBC Three Counties Radio
Adonis Pratsides – The Athletic
Katie Sayer – unusual/Pozzitive
Sarah Stolarz – Chalk + Blade

Best Sound Design Producer
GOLD – John Wakefield – Hat Trick
SILVER – Emma Barnaby – Freelance
BRONZE – Jack Suddaby – Beautiful Strangers
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Nicholas Alexander – Novel
Jon Holmes & Tony Churnside – unusual
Jon Nicholls – Almost Tangible
AudioUK Award
Reform Radio

The Amazon Music & Wondery Grassroots Production Awards
GOLD – Made by Mortals – Armchair Adventures
SILVER – Transmission Roundhouse Podcast Academy
BRONZE – Jack Suddaby – Time & Again
Prison Radio Association

The Sustainability Award
GOLD – Talia Randall – Blossom Trees & Burnt Out Cars
SILVER – Sarah Craig – Toughie
BRONZE – BCG & Lower Street – Climate Vision 2050
Dirty Films & Story Hunter – Climate of Change Season 2
Eloise Stevens – Sustainability Acupuncture
Whistledown – Our Broken Planet

Publisher or Network of the Year sponsored by The Podcast Show
GOLD – Resonance
SILVER – Wondery
BRONZE – BBC Asian Network

The Economist Podcasts

Producer of the Year sponsored by Audible
GOLD – Anishka Sharma
SILVER – Ruth Abrahams – The Guardian & Whistledown
BRONZE – Jack Suddaby – Beautiful Strangers
Bea Duncan – Broccoli Productions
Katie Callin – Reduced Listening
Steven Rajam – Overcoat Media

Production Company of the Year sponsored by whynow Media
GOLD – Overcoat Media
SILVER – Prison Radio Association
BRONZE – Fresh Air
Audible Studios UK
Reduced Listening

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the Awards  

As a trade body, it is vital for AudioUK and the Audio Production Awards to properly reflect the full diversity of our sector. The awards should be representative of all platforms: podcasts, audiobooks and radio; large and small companies; based across the UK. The Audio Production Awards promotes inclusivity within our industry around gender / gender identity, race and ethnicity, LGBTQ+ identities, disability, age, socio-economic, and more. 

For the judging selection, we use the base of previous years as a starting point, when we had worked with consultant Leanne Alie, on expanding our network of audio professionals as judges. For 2023, we approached many of these judges to ask if they would be happy to judge for another year, and we ask the judges to make recommendations for other judges from within their professional networks. We also work hard to expand our networks further, to ensure the judging panel reflects the full diversity of the audio production sector, something that is very important as a focus for AudioUK to continue to develop. We ask the judges to volunteer diversity monitoring information, to ensure that we are representing the full range of experiences present within the audio production sector, and to hold ourselves accountable to this. We also ask judges for more qualitative feedback, in order to get a wider view of their experience of the judging process. The list of judges can be seen on our ‘Judges’ page once all judging is complete. 

For the judging process, we work with Yassine Senghor from Confronting Change, to provide the judges with a training video and notes based on Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Bias in judging. We ask the judges to consider how the piece they are judging is reflective of the world we live in, acknowledging resources (or lack of) available to entrants and challenges potentially faced. This can mean tech or financial resources, but also access to training, professional experience, knowledge of the industry and so on. 

We are delighted to continue with the Pay What You Can scheme, this year sponsored by Amazon Music x Wondery. The scheme provides discounted entry and ticket fee for individuals and freelancers under financial constraints who would otherwise find the standard entry and ticket fee prohibitive. We are also pleased to be the UK media partner to the Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund, who have a fund which can be applied to to reimburse entry fees for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people, to any UK based media/journalism awards. More info about the fund can be found here: The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund.

The money from the Audio Production Awards is not taken as profit, it goes back to AudioUK and Audiotrain, which is then used for training for the audio production sector. At AudioUK, we worked with EDI consultant Aradhna Tayal to develop AudioUK and Audiotrain. Audiotrain webinars can be seen here: AudioTrain.

A specific target for 2023 was to make sure that we worked to reach an even wider range of entrants, to ensure that we are further representing the breadth of experience across the audio production sector at the awards. 

At AudioUK, we recognise the huge business and creative benefits that representing a different range of people brings within the audio industry, particularly those who have been previously under-represented.

There is always more to be done. Every year, we gather feedback, in order to help input into the way that we run the next year’s event. Each year, we will ensure that we further expand our networks, both within the judges and the entrants, to make sure we are working to represent the full range of experiences across the audio production sector. We are always looking to improve our approach to inclusion, so please get in touch if you have any ideas about how we can continue to improve the awards, addressing any specific needs and/or experiences.

You can find out more about AudioUK and EDI here.

Betty Glover, Christian Hewgill & Greg James – The Fast and The Curious – Best Ensemble Cast 2023

Please find below lists of past winners of the Audio Production Awards (APAs) and the previous Radio Production Awards (RPAs):