The 2022 APAs ceremony will be held at the BFI South Bank on Wednesday 23rd November – entries open on the 15th August.

We Are Voices – 2021 Winners of the Grassroots Production Award

Welcome to the Audio Production Awards! We created these awards to celebrate the very best in radio and audio production, reflecting the different skills and wide range of genres out there. 

Whether you’re a sound designer specialising in documentary, a live sports producer or anything in between, these awards are a chance for you to have your expertise recognised. 

We’ve been running the awards since 2010, originally as the Radio Production Awards (RPAs) and since 2016 as the APAs, and in that time the sector’s grown and changed enormously but what remains constant is it’s reflecting both new and upcoming talent and also those who have dedicated their careers to engaging audiences. 

Winners of the 2021 APAs

We had a fantastic awards night at the BFI on the 24th November last year.

The full list of winners is as follows:


Best Arts Producer

GOLD – Michael Umney – Novel

SILVER – Leonie Thomas – Whistledown Productions

BRONZE – Ben Walker – Storyglass in association with English Touring Theatre


Best News Producer

GOLD – Rachel Stonehouse – BBC Newsbeat

SILVER – Elizabeth Cassin – The Guardian

BRONZE – Robert Nicholson – Whistledown Productions


Best Factual Producer

GOLD – Geoff Bird – Freelance

SILVER – Will Roe – Wireless Studios

BRONZE – Joe Kent – BBC Long Form Audio


Best Drama Producer

GOLD – Ben Walker – Storyglass

SILVER – Rosalind Ayres – Jarvis & Ayres Productions

BRONZE – Nicolas Jackson – Afonica


Best New Voice

GOLD – Ade Oladipo – talkSPORT

SILVER – Zakia Sewell – Falling Tree Productions

BRONZE – Liza Ward – Whistledown Productions


Grassroots Production Award

GOLD – We Are VOICES – British Red Cross/VOICES Network

SILVER – Lucy Evans – Fierce Green Productions/Kate McAll – Rhiannon Media

BRONZE – Multitrack


Best Sports Producer

GOLD – Chris Browning – Formula 1

SILVER – Tayo Popoola – Freelance

BRONZE – Olly Clink – talkSPORT


Best Ensemble Cast

GOLD – Elis James & John Robins – Audio Always

SILVER – Nikita & Islah – TBI Media

BRONZE – Zeze Millz & David ‘Sideman’ Whitely – Amazon Music


Best New Podcast Producer

GOLD – Olivia Swift – Reform Radio

SILVER – Victor Lee – The Lunar Company

BRONZE – Anna Staufenberg – Crowd Network


Best Sound Design Producer

GOLD – The Skewer – Unusual Productions

SILVER – Steve Bond – Freelance

BRONZE – Martin Austwick – Freelance


Best Entertainment Producer

GOLD – Lance Dann – Rezilience Ltd

SILVER – Natalia Rodriguez – Radio Wolfgang

BRONZE – Liam Conroy – BBC Radio 1


Best Station Sound Producer

GOLD – Chris Nicoll – WIZZFX

SILVER – Ali Rezakhani – BBC Sounds

BRONZE – Rob Green – Audio Always


Best Narrator

GOLD – Olivia Colman – HarperCollins UK

SILVER – David Haig – Pier Productions Ltd

BRONZE – Colleen Prendergast – Almost Tangible


Best Audiobook Producer

GOLD – Dirk Maggs – Audible Studios

SILVER – Richard Hughes – Anyway Audio

BRONZE – Caroline Raphael – Freelance


Gethin Thomas Award for Best Comedy Producer

GOLD – Benbrick – Novel

SILVER – Lance Dann – Rezilience Ltd

BRONZE – Jon Holmes – Unusual


Best New Radio Producer

GOLD – Hunter Charlton – Burning Bright Audio

SILVER – Rosie Merotra – Somethin’ Else

BRONZE – Eleanor Biggs – Novel


Best Host – Speech Audio

GOLD – Lady Unchained – Folded Wing / Prison Radio Association

SILVER – Elinor Hamilton – Tadah Media

BRONZE – Danny Robins – Bafflegab Productions


Best Host – Music Audio

GOLD – Ricky Wilson – Made in Manchester

SILVER – Vick Hope – BBC Audio

BRONZE – Miranda Sawyer – Freelance


Best Music Producer

GOLD – Jack Howson – Reduced Listening

SILVER – Ashley Byrne – Made in Manchester

BRONZE – Steven Rajam – Overcoat Media


Life in COVID-19 Award

GOLD – Judith Dimant & Julian Wilkinson – Wayward Productions

SILVER – Justin Dealey – BBC Three Counties Radio

BRONZE – Victoria Ferran & Kim Normanton – Just Radio Ltd


Production Company of the Year

GOLD – Listen Entertainment

SILVER – Made in Manchester

BRONZE – Fresh Air Production


You can see photos from the ceremony on Twitter, and on Instagram.

The ceremony programme is here.

Other Audio Awards

If the APAs isn’t enough for you, check out our list of other audio awards and prizes.

Listen Entertainment, 2021’s ‘Production Company of the Year’

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the Awards  

As a trade body, it is vital for AudioUK and the Audio Production Awards to properly reflect the full diversity of our sector. The awards should be representative of all platforms: podcasts, audiobooks and radio; large and small companies; based across the UK. The Audio Production Awards promotes inclusivity within our industry around gender / gender identity, race and ethnicity, LGBTQ+ identities, disability, age, socio-economic, and more. 

When selecting the judges for the APAs 2021, we used the base of previous years as a starting point, when we had worked with consultant Leanne Alie, on expanding our network of audio professionals as judges. For 2021, we approached many of these judges initially to ask if they would be happy to judge for another year, and we asked the judges to make recommendations for other judges from within their professional networks. We also worked hard to expand our networks further, to ensure the judging panel reflected the full diversity of the audio production sector, something that is very important as a focus for AudioUK to continue to develop. We will ask the judges to volunteer diversity monitoring information, to ensure that we are representing the full range of experiences present within the audio production sector, and to hold ourselves accountable to this. We will also ask judges for more qualitative feedback, in order to get a wider view of their experience of the judging process. The list of judges can be seen on our ‘Judges’ page. 

For the judging process, we worked with Yassine Senghor from Confronting Change, to provide the judges with a training video and notes based on Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Bias in judging. We asked the judges to consider how the piece they were judging was reflective of the world we live in, acknowledging resources (or lack of) available to entrants and challenges potentially faced. This could mean tech or financial resources, but also access to training, professional experience, knowledge of the industry and so on. 

This year, we introduced a pay what you can entry fee for individuals and freelancers who would otherwise find the entry fee prohibitive. And we are also providing a number of half price tickets to the event. We are also pleased to be the UK media partner to the Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund, who have a fund which can be applied to to reimburse entry fees for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people, to any UK based media/journalism awards, more info can be seen on that here:

The money from the Audio Production Awards is not taken as profit, it goes back to AudioUK and Audiotrain, which is then used for training for the audio production sector, including developing our Diversity and Inclusion policy for AudioUK and Audiotrain.  Audiotrain webinars can be seen here:

There is always more to be done. Every year, we gather feedback, in order to help input into the way that we run the next year’s event. Each year, we will ensure that we further expand our networks, both within the judges and the entrants, to make sure we are working to represent the full range of experiences across the audio production sector. 

A specific target for 2022 is to make sure that we work to reach an even wider range of entrants, to ensure that we are further representing the breadth of experience across the audio production sector at the awards. 

At AudioUK, we recognise the huge business and creative benefits that representing a different range of people brings within the audio industry, particularly those who have been previously under represented.

You can find out more about AudioUK and diversity here.

Fresh Air won Production Company of the Year in 2019

Please find below lists of past winners of the Audio Production Awards (APAs) and Radio Production Awards (RPAs):