Assistant Producer – Music Radio

[please note this is an example job role and not a live vacancy]

In radio, productions are classed either as music or speech. This role is about making programmes that involve playing music more than talking.
It’s a middle-ranking role. This role is designed for working with an independent audio production company, but similar roles exist within radio broadcasting.

What does an Assistant Producer in Music Radio do?

● Completes many essential administrative tasks to tight deadlines while maintaining the highest editorial standards
● Sets up a network radio studio for transmission
● ‘Builds’ (puts together the shape) programmes for playout
● Gathers and checking facts and proof-reading scripts
● Provides essential support to the programme’s producer and presenters
● Liaises with talent and their agents
● Creates entertaining and engaging social media content
● Maintains excellent relationships with major clients, partners and colleagues

Essential experience and skills required:

● Previous experience of working on music radio programmes
● Strong verbal and written communication skills, with excellent attention to detail
● Practical understanding of a variety of social media platforms
● Good I.T. skills and the capacity to learn new software quickly
● Calm and focussed when under pressure
● Good at solving problems and adapting to changing situations
● Demonstrating good evidence of time management and organisation

What makes a good Assistant Producer for music radio?

● A passion for, and knowledge of, alternative music in all genres past and present
● Working knowledge of relevant software, for example that used in the production of BBC music radio
● Experience of working with talent (for example programme presenters and musicians)
● Video production skills (shooting and editing)
● Awareness of writing good metadata for online applications

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