Sent to all AudioUK member organisations:

Nominations are now open for the roles of AudioUK Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, and up to ten other Directors.

We’re asking you to consider putting yourself or a member of your team forward for the roles, to represent the audio production sector.

As a trade body, it’s vital for AudioUK to properly reflect the full diversity of our sector. We’re seeking representatives from all genres and platforms: from radio, podcasts and audiobooks, and from music and speech production; from large and small companies, based inside and outside London, and across the four nations.

We’re especially keen to ensure ethnic diversity on the board, and are undertaking a full review of how AudioUK can be as inclusive an organisation as possible, and drive best practice in our sector. This process will be ongoing throughout the year.

Please share these exciting opportunities to play a key role in the future of the sector with members of your teams. The minimum time commitment is a board meeting of up to two hours every six to eight weeks, and board members are also encouraged to lead or participate in advisory groups on specific areas of AudioUK’s work.

You can nominate yourself for any role, and if you nominate someone else, please get their agreement first. Please send nominations to AudioUK’s Administrator, Kim Mason by noon on Tuesday 8th September. You will be sent confirmation of your nomination; please contact us again if this is not received.

About the AudioUK board

Each year, a full new board of four officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and up to ten Directors is formed, with previous board members able to re-stand. A brief description of each role is below. If we receive more nominations than positions available on the board, elections are held, with each full AudioUK member company having one vote. The new board is subsequently able to co-opt up to three further board members.

The new board is expected to be in place ahead of the AGM being held next month. Formation of the new board has been delayed from earlier in the year due to the pandemic.

Members of the AudioUK board should have experience of audio production sector issues, knowledge of commissioning processes, and be comfortable dealing with senior industry stakeholders if required. Interest in developing AudioUK’s work in projects such as the Audiotrain skills training programme, the annual Audio Production Awards, and new diversity and inclusion initiatives would also be welcome. Board members are formal directors of the company and should therefore also be familiar with the statutory duties entailed.

Nominees will need to be a formal representative of a company with full membership of AudioUK and should be able to sign-off decisions on behalf of that company; only one director per company is permitted. We particularly ask members to identify and encourage candidates with diverse backgrounds from within their organisation.

If you have any questions about the various positions, please feel free to contact AudioUK’s Managing Director, Will Jackson, in confidence.

AudioUK always welcomes new members to ensure we fully represent the audio production community, and to enable everyone to have their voice heard both within our organisation and as part of our external lobbying work to grow the sector. Details of membership and fees are available here.


Leads the decision making and strategic direction of the organisation, reflecting its four pillars of Business, Representation, Community and Excellence. They will represent AudioUK to stakeholders and members, leading board meetings and liaising with the secretariat of Managing Director, Policy and Comms Advisor, Legal Counsel and Administrator.

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair will deputise for and assist the Chair in the various roles above, providing a balance of experience where possible.


The Secretary will lead membership development, including communications, benefits and social events for members. The Secretary will also lead work to ensure that the organisation and its membership properly reflects the diverse nations, regions and communities of the UK.


The Treasurer assists the Administrator and Managing Director in the day to day operations of AudioUK and has oversight of AudioUK’s budget setting and financial reporting to the board. The Treasurer also assists the board to undertake market analysis of the audio production sector.


Represent members’ wishes at AudioUK board meetings and potentially as part of a board advisory group dealing with a specific part of the sector.

All board positions are voluntary; any expenses incurred undertaking AudioUK duties will be reimbursed.