COVID-19 guidance in England from December 2021

The government has announced that England will move to Plan B in response to the risks of the Omicron variant.

This means:

  • From 10 December, face coverings will be required by law in most indoor settings.
  • From 13 December office workers who can work from home should do so.
  • From 15 December, certain venues and events will be required by law to check that all visitors aged 18 years or over are fully vaccinated, have proof of a negative test in the last 48 hours, or have an exemption.

You can read more here:

It also has links to Wales, Scotland and N Ireland.

Audio producers are advised to continue to act cautiously and follow much of the advice on our latest guidelines.



The government is calling on everyone to support the booster programme to avoid the NHS being overloaded and to keep the economy open.

Businesses can help in the following ways:

  • Encouraging employees to get a booster (or first and second jab) and supporting them to do it in the best possible way – this might include giving them time off to get the jab. 
  • Promoting the booster campaign to their customers/supply chain/stakeholder networks. For example using their websites to promote the booster campaign and using their shop fronts to put up communications materials etc. 

COVID-19 Production Guidelines

AudioUK was a member of the Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) Broadcasting, Film and Production Working Group which operated during much of 2020. Working with the group, AudioUK produced guidance for working safely in audio production during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guidance was prepared in consultation with DCMS and with input from audio professionals, content producers and broadcasters, the music industry, industry bodies, unions and the devolved administrations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

AudioUK also ensured that audio production was specifically named in legislation as a working activity which could continue during the lockdown period.

Our guidance provides background information and risk assessment guidance for professional audio production, including making audio content for radio broadcast, podcasting, audiobooks and activities such as studio hire for the above. The guidelines include detail on compliance with essential requirements as well as additional considerations which may need to be addressed depending on the nature of your business or activities.

Download the latest version of our Safe Working in Audio Production Guidance here:

Please refer back here on a regular basis as our guidelines will be being regularly updated in accordance with the latest Government guidance.

A new COVID-19 variant is spreading in some parts of England. There may be additional advice for your area. You can find out what you should do here

Mental Health advice

A number of members have asked for advice on tackling mental health issues in the current highly pressured environment. Alongside the Audiotrain event above, we wanted to share this link from the mental health charity, Mind, on mental health at work. There’s helpful advice for yourself, for your staff, and also details of the training and support they offer.

Commenting on this guidance: if you would like to make any suggestion on how we could improve this guidance please email