The BBC has published details of how it’s committing £12m of its existing radio and music commissioning budget to diverse programming. AudioUK supports this move to motivate commissioners and producers to take further steps on diversity.

The BBC has set out the criteria for how programmes and companies will qualify to be included among the £12m spend, thereby ensuring that commissioners and producers keep diversity in mind in order to be able to fully access all of the radio and muisc budget.

AudioUK Chair Kellie While said:

“We’re pleased that the BBC has come up with a proportionate and practical way to encourage its commissioning teams and suppliers to make its networks and services more diverse in their output. We’re grateful to the BBC for communicating with us during the process of finalising the proposal and we are pleased that they listened to us in terms of ensuring that the makeup of the sector, particularly the large number of smaller companies, is reflected both in the criteria for the £12m but also the wider ambition for 20% for some suppliers to meet diversity aspirations.”

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