Podcast Assistant – Independent Production Company

[please note this is an example job role and not a live vacancy]

This is an entry level role.

What does a podcast assistant do?

Podcasts assistants work alongside a team of producers. They help create podcasts and ensuring they are made on time and within the agreed budget. They are involved in research, recording interviews and editing.

Typical responsibilities include:

• Helping producers create the podcasts
• Holding the microphone and testing sound levels
• Doing paperwork, such as making sure that you have written consent from all the people who have contributed to the podcast
• Working with teams doing social media, artwork and publicity
• Maintaining the audio archive
• Co-ordinating tape syncs and transcriptions

What makes a good podcast assistant?

• Having a passion for radio, podcasting or other audio work
• Being able to pay attention to detail
• Being organised, able to work on different projects and prioritise
• Knowing how to research topics and develop ideas
• The desire to develop strong audio production skills

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