Listen Entertainment, Production Company of the Year


The Audio Production Awards, sponsored by Audible, were held at a gala evening on Wednesday 24 November at the BFI on London’s South Bank. Podcast and radio stars Jordan North & Vick Hope were the hosts.

The APAs, organised by AudioUK, celebrate podcast, radio and audiobook production skills. There are 21 categories in total spanning audiobooks, podcasting and radio.

This year’s winners included Ade Oladipo, who won an award for Best New Voice for his work at talkSPORT, including the Audio Content Fund-financed ‘Kick-off: Added Time’.

The Grassroots award, sponsored by The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund, was won by We are VOICES, a British Red Cross/VOICES network initiative which involved refugees and asylum seekers learning production skills to make podcasts building understanding and empathy through stories of lived experience.


Lady Unchained won Best Host – Speech Audio for her work with Folded Wing and Prison Radio Association.

Annie Mac won the special AudioUK Award for representing the full 360 degrees of audio – podcasts, radio, and now an audiobook, and for being a huge supporter of women and new talent in the industry.

For audiobooks, actor Olivia Coleman won Gold for Best Narrator for her work with Harper Collins.

Made in Manchester’s Ricky Wilson won Gold for Best Music Host and another win for MIM came with Ashley Byrne taking the Silver award for Best Music Producer.

Ben Walker won Best Drama Producer for his work with new company Storyglass.

The coveted Production Company of the Year Award was won by Listen Entertainment.

Kellie While, Chair of AudioUK, said:

“It’s been fantastic to have everyone back together in one place to celebrate our wonderful industry- this year’s nominees and winners can all be so proud of their work, produced to such a high standard in times which are still difficult for many. We hope these awards will inspire the next generation of production talent to seek recognition and we hope to see them here next year, up on the stage where they belong.”



Audio Production Awards

Winners 2021


Best Arts Producer   

GOLD – Michael Umney – Novel

SILVER – Leonie Thomas – Whistledown Productions

BRONZE – Ben Walker – Storyglass in association with English Touring Theatre


Caroline Thornham – Novel

Geoff Bird – Freelance

Sarah Jane Murray – Storyglass


Best News Producer

GOLD – Rachel Stonehouse – BBC Newsbeat

SILVER – Elizabeth Cassin – The Guardian

BRONZE – Robert Nicholson – Whistledown Productions


Asya Fouks – The Times and The Sunday Times

James Shield – The Times and The Sunday Times

Courtney Yusuf – The Guardian


Best Factual Producer *Sponsored by Audio Content Fund*      

GOLD – Geoff Bird – Freelance

SILVER – Will Roe – Wireless Studios

BRONZE – Joe Kent – BBC Long Form Audio


Sean Allsop – Audio Always

Martin Austwick – Freelance

Emma Barnaby – Whistledown Productions


Best Drama Producer           

GOLD – Ben Walker – Storyglass

SILVER – Rosalind Ayres – Jarvis & Ayres Productions

BRONZE – Nicolas Jackson – Afonica


Dirk Maggs – Audible Studios

Emma Haigh – Big Finish Productions

Jacob Roberts-Mensah – Our Day


Best New Voice         

GOLD – Ade Oladipo – talkSPORT

SILVER – Zakia Sewell – Falling Tree Productions

BRONZE – Liza Ward – Whistledown Productions


Josie Bevan – Falling Tree Productions

Jack Blanchard – POLITICO Europe / Whistledown Productions

Dom Stephens – Freelance


Grassroots Production Award *Sponsored by The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund*        

GOLD – We Are VOICES – British Red Cross/VOICES Network

SILVER – Lucy Evans – Fierce Green Productions

BRONZE – Multitrack


Miran Hadžić – Miran Hadžić Productions

The Last Bohemians


Best Sports Producer *Sponsored by In:Quality* 

GOLD – Chris Browning – Formula 1

SILVER – Tayo Popoola – Freelance

BRONZE – Olly Clink – talkSPORT


Steve Hankey – Whistledown Productions

Ben Mundy – BBC Newsbeat

Andrew Spence – Unedited


Best Ensemble Cast  

GOLD – Elis James & John Robins – Audio Always

SILVER – Nikita & Islah – TBI Media

BRONZE – Zeze Millz & David ‘Sideman’ Whitely – Amazon Music


Kat Harbourne & Jenny Eells – BBC Radio Sheffield

Kurupt FM: MC Grindah, DJ Beats, Steves and Chabuddy G – Audible

Sofa Cinema Club: Jack P Shepherd, Colson Smith and Ben Price – Audio Always


Best New Podcast Producer *Sponsored by Acast*

GOLD – Olivia Swift – Reform Radio

SILVER – Victor Lee – The Lunar Company

BRONZE – Anna Staufenberg – Crowd Network


Jessica Beck – Freelance

Meera Kumar – Freelance

Weyland McKenzie-Witter – Freelance


Best Sound Design Producer           

GOLD – The Skewer – Unusual Productions

SILVER – Steve Bond – Freelance

BRONZE – Martin Austwick – Freelance


Nicholas Alexander – Novel

Emma Barnaby – Whistledown Productions

Phil Smith – Falling Tree Productions / Freelance


Best Entertainment Producer *Sponsored by Outset Studio*

GOLD – Lance Dann – Rezilience Ltd

SILVER – Natalia Rodriguez – Radio Wolfgang

BRONZE – Liam Conroy – BBC Radio 1


Geoff Jein – TBI Media

Selina Ream – Somethin’ Else

Will Wilkin – BBC Radio 1


Best Station Sound Producer          

GOLD – Chris Nicoll – WIZZFX

SILVER – Ali Rezakhani – BBC Sounds

BRONZE – Rob Green – Audio Always


Mark Jeeves – Scala Radio

Sam Parker – WIZZFX

Adam Venton – Little Monster Media


Best Narrator            

GOLD – Olivia Colman – HarperCollins UK

SILVER – David Haig – Pier Productions Ltd

BRONZE – Colleen Prendergast – Almost Tangible


David Bower – Penguin Random House

Carl Prekopp – Almost Tangible

Andy Serkis – HarperCollins Audio


Best Audiobook Producer   

GOLD – Dirk Maggs – Audible Studios

SILVER – Richard Hughes – Anyway Audio

BRONZE – Caroline Raphael – Freelance


Lisa Hollinshead – Audiobook Productions

Rosemary O’Dowd – RNIB / Freelance

Tanya Hougham – HarperCollins UK


Gethin Thomas Award for Best Comedy Producer           

GOLD – Benbrick – Novel

SILVER – Lance Dann – Rezilience Ltd

BRONZE – Jon Holmes – Unusual


Kurt Brookes – Made in Manchester

Andy Cartwright – Soundscape Productions


Best New Radio Producer *Sponsored by Cleanfeed*

GOLD – Hunter Charlton – Burning Bright Audio

SILVER – Rosie Merotra – Somethin’ Else

BRONZE – Eleanor Biggs – Novel


Michael Dale – Somethin’ Else

Bradley Duggan – Listen

Sami El-Enany – Falling Tree Productions


Best Host – Speech Audio *Sponsored by Outset Studio*

GOLD – Lady Unchained – Folded Wing / Prison Radio Association

SILVER – Elinor Hamilton – Tadah Media

BRONZE – Danny Robins – Bafflegab Productions


Elis James & John Robins – Audio Always

Prof. Alice Roberts – Made in Manchester

Ian Wright – Somethin’ Else


Best Host – Music Audio       

GOLD – Ricky Wilson – Made in Manchester

SILVER – Vick Hope – BBC Audio

BRONZE – Miranda Sawyer – Freelance


Dermot O’Leary – Ora Et Labora

GuyB – Great Music Stories Radio

Jerelle Forbes – Prison Radio Association


Best Music Producer            

GOLD – Jack Howson – Reduced Listening

SILVER – Ashley Byrne – Made in Manchester

BRONZE – Steven Rajam – Overcoat Media


Geoff Bird – Freelance

Jesse Howard – Somethin’ Else

Natalie Steed – Folk on Foot


Life in COVID-19 Award       

GOLD – Judith Dimant & Julian Wilkinson – Wayward Productions

SILVER – Justin Dealey – BBC Three Counties Radio

BRONZE – Victoria Ferran & Kim Normanton – Just Radio Ltd


2000 AD Dramas – Penguin Random House

Ivor Manley & Holly Aquilina – Radio Wolfgang

Sue Nelson & Luke Hastings – Boffin Media / BBC OS


Production Company of the Year   

GOLD – Listen Entertainment

SILVER – Made in Manchester

BRONZE – Fresh Air Productions


Audio Always


Whistledown Productions