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Member Benefits

  • Free legal templates and discounted legal consultations (10% off the standard audio rate) from our legal and business affairs partners Mint & Co.
  • Free HR templates and 20% off HR consultations from our HR partners We Do HR
  • Free lunchtime webinars from Audiotrain and 10% off training for all staff of member companies. 
  • Membership fees go towards supporting AudioUK’s industry wide policy work including: lobbying for an Audio Production Tax Relief, work as part of the Creative Industries Council IP subgroup, and Terms of Trade negotiations with the BBC. 
  • Networking opportunities incluing our Out of London group and Podcast Leaders Lunches. 
  • Opportunities to take part in panels and discussions at industry events including the Podcast Show, Radio Academy Festival.
  • Opportunity to stand for the AudioUK Board, to influence and govern the work of AudioUK. 

To apply to join AudioUK, please email us directly:  Membership fees are based on turnover, details can be found below. 

Mint & Co will be able to help you with the following:

  • Support on all project contracts of all genres, from development through toproduction, including freelancer agreements, talent and artist agreements, access agreements, recording location agreements, co-developments and co-productions when collaborating with others, music licencing and music clearances, sponsor agreements, brand-funded commissions, platform and broadcaster commissioning agreements
  • BBC Terms of Trade and guild agreements
  • Questions related to all AudioUK Templates Pack agreements
  • IP strategy and rights exploitation – licensing/assignment/distributor agreements, optioning for TV, development slate investment/first look deals
  • Ancillary rights exploitation – agreements re games/merch/music/clip licensing
  • Light content compliance advice – copyright, fair dealing, contributor consents, privacy, defamation
  • Third Party Materials clearance – e.g. optioning underlying rights, e.g. books/plays, clearing archive material
  • Data Protection advice and policies and procedures
  • Employment related advice (pre claim)

Standard Industry Contracts

As well as quality advice, AudioUK provides unique industry standard draft contracts for engaging artists, producers etc. These contracts recognise the unique requirements of the independent producer when dealing with talent. Currently there are 29 standard contracts available to Legal and Business Affairs Scheme members via the Members-Only area of this website.

  • Contributor agreement (fee)
  • Contributor agreement (no fee)                                                                                                                  
  • Materials release (fee)
  • Materials release (no fee)
  • Location agreement (no fee)
  • Location agreement (fee), eg studio hire for recording
  • Musician (non MU buyout)
  • Talent agreement (individual)
  • Talent agreement (service company)
  • Producer (individual)
  • Producer (service company)
  • Director (individual)
  • Director (service company)
  • Reporter (contractor individual)
  • Researcher (contractor individual)
  • Researcher (worker with holiday)
  • Writer (individual)
  • Writer (service company)
  • Freelancer (1 week + individual)
  • Freelancer (less than 1 week individual)
  • Freelancer (1 week + service company)
  • Freelancer (less than one week service company)
  • AudioUK Partnership Template
  • Musician
  • Author
  • Writer
  • Actor
  • Contributor Privacy Notice
  • Freelancer Crew & Supplier Privacy Notice
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

If you wish to access our legal and business affairs service you need to contact and we can then refer you to Mint & Co once we have verified you as a member.

Member Discounts

AudioUK has negotiated a series of discounted available only to members. To take advantage of these, members can email for your discount code, or find it in the Members’ Area. 

In addition to the Mint & Co discount, members also get discounts to  such as business services including Trademarking advice and assistance from Albright IP, and Health and Safety advice from WeDoHR.


HR Documents

AudioUK also has a suite of HR documents for use by our members.

These policies have been provided by WedoHR, and are there to be used as templates for our member companies. WedoHR is also offering a 20% discount on its services to AudioUK members. 

HR documents available to our members include:

  • Anti-Bribery, Fraud & Corruption
  • Business Continuity
  • Bullying & Harrassment
  • Code of Conduct
  • Company IT
  • Data Protection
  • Disciplinary & Grievance
  • Disciplinary Process
  • Equal Opportunities & Discrimination
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Health & Safety
  • Modern Slavery & Labour

Membership: fees and joining

Business membership is open to production companies – including registered sole traders, partnerships and limited companies – making audio (podcast / radio / audiobook) content on a professional basis. Business members get access to the full suite of benefits, as well as being able to stand for the AudioUK Board, and vote on AudioUK matters. 

Creator membership is for individual podcast and audio creators, giving them access to some of the benefits and support that AudioUK currently provides to its Business members – including free access to webinars, and discounts with AudioUK partners, including Mint & Co. If you are an individual and are not sure if you want Creator or Business membership – Creators generally create their own content, or work for others, where as Business sole traders often work for clients and / or create their own content which they monetise. It is up to you which one you choose, but Kim can advise if needed on

Academic membership is open to academic institutions to sign up to on behalf of their students, providing free access to webinars, as well as access to the listed discounts, and an insight into the professional audio world. 

The current fees for membership are: 

Academic Membership: 

£1000 per year – covers all students on relevant courses

Business Membership: 

Tiers based on turnover

Turnover (audio)                    Fee (annual)

A: up to £15,000                        £189

B: £15,001 to £25,000             £231

C: £25,001 to £50,000              £262.50

D: £50,001 to £75,000.             £378

E: £75,001 to £100,000            £462

F: £100,001 to £150,000          £635.25

G: £150,001 to £300,000         £866.25

H: £300,001 to £500,000         £1,155

I: over £500,001                       £1,732.50


Creator Membership:

£165 per year

The membership year has 2 membership start points – 1st Jan and 1st July each year. Each start point runs for 12 months with membership pro rata until the next start point. Please ask us for details.

To Join

To apply to join AudioUK, please email us directly: