Diversity and Inclusion

All media production sectors need to be more diverse in terms of production teams, talent and stories.

Axel Kacoutie presented a popular Audiotrain ‘Trade Secrets’ session on Sound Design

This is true of the audio production sector as well and AudioUK is doing what it can to encourage greater diversity and inclusion, firstly because it is the right thing to do and secondly because we recognise the creative benefit that diversity brings.

You can read our full DIversity Mission Statement here.

This section of our website is designed to enable production companies and others to understand and act on enabling people from all backgrounds to play a full part in audio poroduction going forward.

We will be expanding and growing the resources available here in the coming months.

Also our Audiotrain programme has been ensuring it has a range of diverse contributors and subjects, so do keep in touch with what they are offering by joining their mailing list.

And we will continue to ensure that the Audio Production Awards are open to all and the judges reflect the UK’s diverse population.

Speaking of awards, AudioUK is a media partner in the UK for the Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund, which reimburses those from diverse backgrounds who wish to be recognised in audio-related awards. You can find more about our partnership and find links to the Fund here.

Fresh Air Productions, winners of the Production Company of the Year at the 2019 Audio Production Awards

We also support moves by others to increase diversity in radio and audio, including the BBC’s announcement of £12m spend allocated to diverse projects and companies. The BBC has published a full set of FAQs relating to this £12m spend.

AudioUK supports the work of the Multitrack Fellowship, which offers entry level producers paid placements at independent audio production companies, training and networking opportunities, and the chance to pitch for commissions. Many of the production companies involved in Multitrack are AudioUK’s members.