AudioUK’s Chair, Kellie While, made the following statement on the situation regarding the spread in the UK of COVID-19 and the measures being taken:

“With the UK taking increasingly significant measures to contain the spread of coronavirus, it’s clear this is an unprecedented situation which will substantially affect our work. We wanted to let you know that AudioUK will do everything it can to support you and our sector through this uncertain time.

We are working with broadcasters and audio platforms to ensure that disruption to services is minimised – the advice is to keep in close contact with commissioners and business affairs contacts if there are any issues or changes to programme production or delivery, and to put in place plans to mitigate risks.

AudioUK is already in contact with Government, broadcasters, and other representative organisations such as the Creative Industries Federation. We need you to keep us informed of how your organisation is being impacted; and to hear your concerns, and how they might be alleviated, so we are able communicate this clearly and accurately.

We are exploring as a matter of urgency how the Audio Content Fund might be used to support timely and relevant content, outside the regular scheduled rounds.

We will keep members informed of any useful support information. In the meantime, we urge you to follow all relevant Government advice and to stay safe.”

Kellie While, Chair, on behalf of the AudioUK Board