Careers in Audio Production

Interested in a career in audio production? Here are just a few basic tips to get you thinking about it.

Who can work in audio production?

Anyone can work in audio production provded they can show the right level of interest and ability. The industry is keen to employ a diverse range of people to reflect the UK’s wide range of ethnic, class, geographic and other backgrounds.

Audio Production roles

There are a number of different roles involved in professional audio/radio production, if you choose to work with an independent audio production company. We have listed some of them below. Click on the job title to see a description of what these roles entail.

Assistant Audio Producer – Speech

Assistant Producer – Music

Audio Production Editor

Executive Producer – Podcasts

Junior Audio Producer

Podcast Assistant

Music Radio Broadcast Assistant

Tips on Careers in Audio Production

Build a portfolio: Learn the software and basic equipment, experiment with recording and start creating work that you can show to admissions tutors or employers.

Look for an internship: once you have developed a portfolio you may be able to gain work with an independent production company that is looking for general assistance. AudioUK supports Multitrack, an audio producer fellowship for people who want to gain professional experience making radio and podcasts. The fellowship provides paid placements at independent audio production companies, as well as training and networking opportunities.

Get a qualification: Some universities and colleges run specialist audio production courses, examples being: University of Sunderland; University of Salford; University of the Arts, London; Nottingham Trent University; Goldsmiths, University of London; and Bournemouth University. These can be found on sites such as

Take one-off courses: Audiotrain runs individual one-day and part-day courses on a range of subjects including hands-on audio production skills as well as wider subjects. You can sign up to get news of Audiotrain courses by mailing:

Search for jobs: Use the AudioUK members directory to find out if there are any companies near you.

Becoming an independent podcaster

The beauty of podcasting is you don’t have to join a company right at the start – with the right skills, technology and a good idea you can start one up.

Podcasts are typically hosted on online platforms and apps such as Acast, Podcast Addict, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon and many others.

If you create a podcast then to make it successful you need to build your audience, for example via social media. Revenue can be gained through advertising or through subscription through a site such as Patreon.